5 Ways To Stay Motivated Post-College

It’s been more than 6 months since I’ve graduated college and I’ve got to admit, it’s not as glamorous as I envisioned it to be. I haven’t exactly started my “career” but I’m working on getting there and it’s really difficult. Prior to graduating, I knew it would be difficult but I didn’t anticipate how difficult it was going to be because I didn’t think I’d lack so much motivation and feel so ‘stuck’. When I finally realized this, I decided to re-prioritize and set achievable goals and in order to do that, I really had to figure out how to motivate myself. With that being said, I just wanted to share some of the ways I stayed motivated post-college or in general (and how you can, if you’re struggling)!

  • Figure out what you want to do with your life (within 3 years, 5 years, 10 years). Make a list, try things out, work in different industries. You’ll be able to narrow down what it is you really like and don’t like and you’ll have a start.
  • Figure out how to get into that industry, unless you’re already there, then good job! Figure out how to move up and what you need to do to move up. Maybe it’s to get a certification? More education? Network with people who can help you get your foot in the door.
  • Surround yourself with friends who will lift you up and push you. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have friends who will support you no matter what, but you want friends who will push you and literally FORCE YOU out of your comfort zone. That’s the only way you’ll grow.
  • Work on yourself. Do self-reflections periodically and take care of your body, mind and soul. These will be the ones carrying you while you move forward so take care of them. Eat healthy and exercise several times a week. Spend time with family because that will really help boost your motivation (at least it does for me)!
  • Last but not least, check your goals periodically and move them around if you have to. Goals can change so don’t be scared of not achieving one and having to move it to a lower priority. As long as you’re working on moving forward, that’s all that matters.

I know this is a short list but it’s a lot of work already to even work through any of these. Let me know if they help you and if you have any suggestions on how you stay motivated, let me know!


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