Eaton Canyon

Last year, I made it a thing to go hiking a lot, especially during the summer. That probably wasn’t the smartest choice considering how disgustingly hot it was last summer but hey, I got outdoors and got my workout in. This year, I finally went on my first hike and it didn’t happen until Feb 1. Little late but better late than never!

My friend Rachealyn and I were originally planning on hiking San Gabriel Peak but we weren’t really prepared so we opted for something more local and easy, hence Eaton Canyon! It’s a fairly short hike, very easy; kids and dog friendly!  There’s also a free parking lot with an extra dirt lot (if needed).

We’ve been getting a lot of rain recently so there was plenty of water in the streams and it made the hike a lot more fun than it usually is. Here are some photos from the hike, hope you guys enjoy!

Eaton Canyon in Pasadena, CA





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