Inside Look: Packing The Essentials


Packing for any trip is sometimes tedious because you have to take into account the weather and what you’re planning to do so I wanted to share some of what you’ll find in my bag typically when I’m on the to!

Carry on

Any trip I go on, I always make sure to bring a pair of slippers or sandals because it just makes my life easier–after showers, not having to step around barefoot (it’s just in my Asian blood to wear slippers indoors) or just going out for a late night bite or drive and you don’t want to put on socks. Either way, I always make sure to pack something easy to wear.

Comfortable shoes are another staple I always pack when I go anywhere. Always pack  good walking shoes because chances are, when you’re traveling, you’ll be walking a lot and exploring the city like a local. I recently invested in Nike Flex running shoes (mainly because my old free runs are dying and I need new ones) but I heard they were extremely comfortable so I’m super excited to start wearing them! I’ve gone on a few trips where I just brought regular sneakers (Chucks or Janoskis skate shoes) and my feet tend to hurt fairly early in the day so I started bringing comfortable shoes. I’m not too much of a girly girl so I don’t bring a ton of shoes to match my outfits–I’m more of a comfort over style kind of girl if you will :-).

Long sleeves and t-shirts. I am always grateful that I pack these aside from ‘going out’ clothes because there are bound to be days where you don’t want to dress up too much and you want to be lazy, or if you decide to take an easy day to just laze around your Airbnb and it makes your chill time that much more comfy. Plus, sleeping in big, comfy t-shirts is one of my favorite things.

Bathroom Essentials! I don’t use make up of any sort and have like a very minimal daily routine when it comes to skin care so I can pack all my bathroom essentials in a small bag. I usually bring with me a travel size shampoo and conditioner (thank you, Target!), a tooth brush and toothpaste, some q-tips, a razor, face moisturizer and face wipes. That’s all you really need, in my opinion! Keep it minimal, so that your bag isn’t too heavy.

Last but not least, obviously, your intimates. I always bring 1 more than the planned amount of nights I’m traveling just in case and I pack them in a small bag so that I’ll have a bag to throw the dirty ones in.

Personal Bag

Ever since I bought my first down jacket from Patagonia, I never go anywhere without it and I bought a second one because I just couldn’t pass it up! I have a regular down (hood recommended) and a thinner down (perfect for not-even-that-cold-LA weather). It’s such an easy staple to carry and it is so useful, especially if you’re traveling somewhere with cold weather. What I like best about Patagonia downs is that you can turn it into a small little bag so that it fits easily in your carry on.

Another staple item is a torrentshell/rain jacket. I have one from Columbia and Patagonia (I love both equally) and they are super light and easy to carry and trust me, you will thank me in the future! I always use this the top layer over my down to provide as an extra shield from the wind and it works wonders. I’ve visited New York in the dead of winter and I was able to survive with a total of 3 layers: my normal top, my down, and then my torrentshell. My Patagonia shell is also able to be turned into a little bag so that I can easily carry it in my backpack without it taking up too much room.

The other miscellaneous stuff that I carry in my personal bag includes wallet and/or passport, my chargers, basic skin stuff like chapstick and lotion and that’s about it!

I hope this helps you when packing for your next adventure! Pack light and smart and you’ll be able to enjoy your trip 🙂

Leave your comments, suggestions or concerns!


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