Eurotrip In The Works..

Apologies for not updating recently.. but life has been busy and planning has been busier. I’ve got a major trip coming up.. any guesses?!

E U R O P E !

I went to London for the first time last summer and I will be going again this summer, and venturing into other countries including France, Switzerland and Italy. I am beyond excited and cannot wait to share my adventures!

Planning this trip has been.. intense with a ton of research what with trying to figure out their transit system, accommodations and just places we’re going to be visiting but I’ll give y’all a hint.. Swiss Alps and the Dolomites!

Once we finalize our itinerary a bit more, I’ll share it so if any of you are ever planning an intro eurotrip, you have somewhere to start with! Or, if any of you have ever been, please share some tips! We’ve booked most of our Airbnbs, or at least requested to book, and we’ve booked our rental car for that drive to Italy from Switzerland.. and we’ve booked our trains to and from the different countries but not within the Alps.. so, any suggestions welcomed!

Until then..

7 thoughts on “Eurotrip In The Works..

    1. Happy to hear that! Is it humid this year? And just for clarification, best way to travel is via public transit/trains correct? Btw, where in EU are you? 🙂

      1. I live here in London where its reaching record temperatures. I would say the weather is hot but dry not humid, unless u go beachside i guess.

        Yes within cities trains are good, best in the world id say.

  1. Yes but make sure to bring a jumper or 2, maybe a rain coat because london is known for having unstable weather, but i cant speak for other euro countries… Where did you go when you went london last time? Id say zone 1 is best for tourism…. Food wise if you want to keep it british it would be fish and chips, or a relaxing afternoon tea…

    1. Hi Ian! Apologies for the delay. I visited London last year around the same time, mid August. Got it, got it. I mainly stayed in zone 1 when I was there. and oooh, ok good recommendations! I will check out fish and chips. Last year, I had some indian food and it was delicious!

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