A small piece of LA

This past Saturday, I visited Little Tokyo/Art’s District with Brandon and was able to get some good shots. It had been a while since Brandon and I had a one-on-one date so I planned a special day for us and it was so much fun!

We partook in DineLA: lunch at Plancheck and dinner at Cafe Bizou. Both were delicious and must-trys. Let me know if you guys are participating and share which ones you liked!

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:






Hope ya’ll enjoyed the photos!




I’ve taken a long hiatus during the holidays and I’m finally back and trying to build my website/blog.

I’ve started numerous blogs but I’ve never been able to really stick to one because I have all these ideas and wanted several blogs for every different thing but that gets extremely hectic so I’m going to try to stick to this one.

First off, happy new years everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and made some new goals for yourself; I know I did. I’m over the whole resolutions thing and trying to stick to them. I’ve been making goals monthly and trying to stick to them because it’s easier to manage progress that way.

Anyway, in closing, I just want to let you guys know that I’m currently working on a post about how to stay motivated post-college so keep a look out!